SC THL CO SRL is a romanian company with 12 years experience in wood joinery with double glazing.

We produce wood joinery using european standards at the best level of quality. On request we produce any type of wood joinery: doors and windows with insulating glass, interior doors in a variety of models with different types of decorative glass (sandblasted, brushed, stained glass, etc.).

We also produce shutters and porches for windows and terrace doors, gazebos, wine racks and interior stairs, railings, wooden outdoor terraces. Exterior joinery (doors and windows) can be equipped with double glazing duplex or triplex (2 / 3 sheets of glass) depending on customer demand.

Components are of highest quality:

  • Maco fittings (Austria) or Roto(Germany)
  • handles Hoppe (Germany)
  • eco paint Becker-Acroma (Sweden)
  • double seals with increased concentration of natural rubber
  • laminating adhesive Wurth D4 range or not Titan

Triple stratified wood may be oak, ash, linden, poplar or pine EA.

The main advantages we offer clients are :

  • Flexibility
  • Promptitude
  • Competitive price
  • Quality

We have the best value for money, each piece is considered a whole and are negotiated separately. For any other details or information please call us: +4 0745973256 or +4 0761722314